DataFocus is deployed on the application end of the smart IoT solution as a platform for data visualization development, data middle-end creation and intelligent application construction. By integrating data and realizing automatic updates, it adopts search-based analysis methods to complete ad hoc analysis on the platform and generate interactive data cockpits.


Core function description

Introduction to DataFocus Smart Search BI Smart IoT Solution - Data Source Integration

Data Source Integration

Integrate the data obtained by the sensor layer, aggregate the data into the data warehouse that comes with DataFocus, and standardize the data to lay the foundation for subsequent data applications.

Introduction to DataFocus Smart Search BI Smart IoT Solution - Embedded Focus Search Search Control

Embed the Focus Search Engine

Embed the Focus Search, using DataFocus' innovative data search engine technology, users can request data from the system through a natural language-like search-and-answer method, and complete ad hoc analysis on the platform.

Introduction to DataFocus Smart Search BI Smart IoT Solution - Data Visualization

Data Visualization

DataFocus supports giant-screen display with a resolution of 8K, and supports the display of more than 700 charts on a single screen. Millions of data points are loaded simultaneously on GIS maps, and data can be updated in seconds. Flexible data visualization supports the creation of interactive and regularly updated data cockpits.

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Core advantage description

DataFocus Intelligent Search BI Smart IoT Solution Advantages - DataFocus is independent, flexible and scalable

Independent, Flexible and Scalable

DataFocus starts with the data integration part, which can be deployed independently or in conjunction with other systems. As a part of the application layer in the smart IoT solutions, DataFocus can effectively improve the deployment and implementation efficiency of the solution and quickly deliver data value.

DataFocus Intelligent Search BI Smart IoT Solution Advantages - DataFocus Rich Visualization Functions

Abundant Visualization Capabilities

Data visualization is an important part of intelligent IoT, which can display data results in an intuitive, dynamic and real-time manner. DataFocus has complete visualization components, supports timing diagrams, dynamic charts, supports video, GIS maps and other multimedia components, can customize or automatically generate dimension filter boxes, realize global linkage, and automatically support roll-up and drill-down.

DataFocus intelligent search BI smart IoT solution advantages - DataFocus is easy to use and low cost

Easy to Use with Low Cost

DataFocus' unique patented technology based on natural language parsing makes data acquisition and analysis extremely simple for users, without technical obstacles or the need to write code, just master search keywords, you can complete complex multi-dimensional data analysis and charts production, thereby greatly reducing the cost of use.

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Smart IoT covers government affairs, communities, communications, public services, resources, energy utilization, etc.