There are so many BI software, why cooperate with DataFocus?

We firmly believe that letting partners make money is the hard truth!

Large Profit Margin
The profit margin is large, and we give our partners enough room for profit sharing and flexible quotation methods;
Ahead Technology
DataFocus is the pioneer of search-based BI, and its technology is a whole generation ahead of its competitors;
Full Featured
DFC series products cover all features from data processing (ETL), to data warehouse, data analysis, data visualization (Report + Dashboard).

Agent Recruitment

On the basis of DataFocus’ existing products and market resources, agency partners complete the sales, implementation, consulting, after-sales and other services of DataFocus products, and work with the DataFocus team to achieve the growth goals of business, profit and customer satisfaction. Agent should have the ability to independently develop markets and services, have their own sales personnel, consultants and service personnel, and be able to complete the agreed business revenue and customer satisfaction indicators.

Cooperation Benefits

  • Sales kits and support materials
  • Get training and partner webinars
  • Competitive product discounts
  • Comprehensive technical support

Joining of Industry Partners

Industry partners can use years of industry market understanding and customer service experience to combine with DataFocus’ product technology to jointly create industry market solutions and provide customers with more professional services. Industry partners should have great influence in one or several industry markets and years of industry customer service experience, and be able to independently complete the business revenue and customer satisfaction indicators agreed in the industry cooperation plan.

Cooperation Benefits

  • High-performance semantic search engine integrated with DataFocus
  • Improve software usability through cutting-edge natural language technology
  • Build flexible solutions
  • Get free training courses

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There are BI, ETL, real-time data warehouse, data visualization and other full-stack data product series, first-class experience, and leading technology. Also, a variety of deployment methods are supported, with flexible charging methods (can be sold separately or can be integrated); and can be standardized or customized.

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