Three Usage Scenarios

Auxiliary Question Search

Use Xiaohui to quickly learn how to use keywords.

Mobile Voice Interaction

Text input on the mobile terminal is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It is more efficient to use Xiaohui voice analysis

Talk Directly to Database

Use Xiaohui to analyze natural language input, directly talk to the database, and realize simple analysis and query

Work Principle

Dual Deep Neural Networks for Accurate Text-to-SQL Conversion

Why not use GPT to generate SQL directly?

  • GPT’s training data is limited, and it cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate, nor can it cover more complex SQL scenarios;
  • GPT cannot adapt to various SQL dialects. Although most of the SQL syntax is similar, there are still subtle differences among different databases. GPT cannot ensure that these differences are recognized, which often makes the generated SQL statements unusable.
  • GPT’s SQL generation function is more suitable for database engineers or data analysts with coding capabilities. It requires users to have the ability to review SQL codes. People without code foundations still cannot use it well.