Difficulties in the digitalization of the logistics industry - massive data, data islands

The lack of connection and effective management among massive data leads to data islands

Difficulties in digitalization of the logistics industry - sudden data analysis needs

There are a lot of demands for sudden data analysis, and fixed reports cannot meet the requirements

Difficulties in digitalization of the logistics industry - high data timeliness requirements

Data immediacy requirements are high, and business exceptions need to be dealt with in a timely manner


Core advantages description

Logistics Industry Digital Solution - Data Integration, Solve Data Island Problem

Integrate Data to Solve the Problem of Data Islands

By integrating data sources from multiple systems, the whole process data monitoring and management are carried out for each stage of logistics. The data supports adding association relationship to realize multi-source association analysis.

Logistics industry digital solutions - flexible search-based analysis capabilities

Flexible Search-based Analysis Capabilities

Search-based data analysis is especially suitable for industries such as logistics, which have many sudden demands and high immediacy requirements. Problems can be solved by continuously posing questions to the system through mere double clicking and searching.

Logistics industry digital solution - instant monitoring system, intelligent early warning

Real-time Monitoring System, Intelligent Early Warning

For key data, you can set early warning values in advance, and let the system help you monitor in real time. When the data deviates from the set value, it will be notified through the internal and external messages of the system, and the abnormal points of the business can be found and dealt with in time.

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Visual display of digital solutions in the logistics industry - large screen of logistics analysis
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