Difficulties in the new e-commerce retail industry - lack of experience in building data systems

Lack of experience in data system construction, confusing indicators and poor accuracy

Difficulties in the new e-commerce retail industry - traffic conversion monitoring

Unable to quantify and evaluate channel quality, and lack of monitoring of traffic conversion

Difficulties in the new e-commerce retail industry - lack of data support for product selection decisions

Observations of customer are superficial, and product selection decisions are made by fleeting thoughts


Core advantages description

Solutions for new e-commerce retail industry - connect all data and break data silos

Connect All Retail Data

Gain a 360-degree view across customers, operations, finance, marketing, and sales by integrating data sources from multiple systems, including inventory management, sales network, ERP, and CRM.

E-commerce New Retail Industry Solutions-Get Instant Data Insights

Get Instant Data Insights

Instead of waiting for an analysis report from a data expert, you can ask the system a question and get an immediate answer. DataFocus quickly delivers insights to everyone to make quick decisions, including marketers, store managers and supply chain experts.

E-commerce new retail industry solution - building a retail forecast model

Flexible Definition of Analysis Model

DataFocus is not a hard-coded indicator model, but an infinite indicator system that can be built according to different scenarios. The models you build by hand are the ones that best fit your business needs, reducing the time to make important business decisions.

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DataFocus makes data analysis as easy as searching

E-commerce New Retail Industry Solutions - Search-based BI Visual Display
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