Abundant extension functions to multiply the value of DataFocus Cloud

DataFocus Cloud Resource Market - Open Source Dataset

Open Source Dataset

The taowen platform provides open source data sets from world organizations, governments and institutions, covering society, humanities, business, and markets.

DataFocus Cloud Resource Market - Plugin Mall

Plug-in Store

Based on the third-party chart plug-ins and data import API plug-ins developed by DataFocus Cloud, developers provide richer options for data application and visualization. You can plug and play.

DataFocus Cloud Resource Market - App Store

APP Store

Based on the DataFocus Cloud no-code data development platform, community developers create business-oriented data applications, covering a wide range of scenes, and you may find applications similar to your business here.

DataFocus Cloud Resource Market - Template Mall

Template Store

A selection of visual large-screen templates made by DataFocus designers and enthusiasts to help users complete large-screen production more easily and conveniently, within as little as 7 minutes.

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