The medical industry informatization is facing problems - the information is inaccurate

Lack of professional information system, resulting in inaccurate data, misrepresentation and omission

Informatization of the medical industry faces problems - timeliness problems

The data timeliness is not enough to deal with the real situation in a timely manner, increasing the risk of doctor-patient disputes

Informatization in the medical industry faces problems - data integrity problems

The integrity of data preservation is not in place, which is inconvenient to trace the data later


Core advantages description

Informatization solution for medical industry - data direct connection, automatic update

Direct Connection to Data, Automatic Update

Supports direct connection to the database to automatically capture relevant data from various business systems and update the large screen, which not only saves manpower but also accurately displays the information items of interest in real time.

Informatization solutions for the medical industry - multi-terminal support, check at any time

Mobile Support, Check Anytime

The data supports mobile terminal viewing, allowing the management to visually view statistical data at any time and any place, understand the operation situation in real time, and provide data support for management.

Informatization solutions for the medical industry - zero-code BI, available to everyone

Data Analysis Tools Available to Everyone

DataFocus' zero-code data analysis operations can reduce learning costs and operational burdens. Everyone can learn data analysis without learning complex codes.

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DataFocus makes data analysis as easy as searching

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