DataFocus intelligent search BI problems faced by human resources department - data multi-platform

Before analysis, it is necessary to collect data from multiple platforms for manual sorting, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive

The problem faced by the DataFocus intelligent search BI human resources department - Excel processing is not flexible

There are many data records, Excel processing is inflexible, and the timeliness is also poor

The problem faced by the DataFocus intelligent search BI human resources department - does not understand SQL and other data processing skills, analysis pieces

Do not understand data processing skills such as SQL, only make simple charts, and the analysis is too one-sided


Core advantages description

DataFocus intelligent search BI solution for human resources department - data integration, data island

Data Integration, Bid Farewell to Data Islands

The unified integration of data scattered in different systems does not require too much energy to be invested in data governance. A unified data analysis platform lays the foundation for multi-user collaborative analysis and report sharing.

DataFocus Intelligent Search BI Solution for Human Resource Department - Visual Automatic Update

Visualize Once, Update Automatically

With one-time data analysis, the planned indicators are converted into visual charts and combined into a large data screen, and the original data is regularly updated to realize the update of the large data screen, which saves time and effort than Excel.

DataFocus intelligent search-based BI solution for human resources department - search for multi-dimensional analysis

Multi-dimensional Analysis, Search Implementation

Through the correlation analysis of data and the use of unique search operations, multi-dimensional analysis can be easily realized, and important information that has been ignored before can be found, which can help improve efficiency.

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DataFocus Search BI Human Resources Department to solve intelligent visualization effect display - resource visualization large screen
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