"Smart Agriculture" The development of science and technology in recent decades has given birth to the wonder of high efficiency in the industry, but agriculture does not seem to have changed. The helplessness of eating every day is about to be replaced by smart agriculture. Through intelligent hardware, Internet of Things, and big data technology, the traditional agricultural greenhouses are upgraded and transformed, and a whole-process intelligent and efficient monitoring and control management system is constructed to realize scientific guidance of ecological crop rotation and ensure crops. High-yield, high-quality, ecological, and safe; establish an online operation and traceability system to improve farmers economic and brand benefits.Smart agriculture will transform and improve traditional agriculture from production management, storage and transportation, and market sales.


Some IoT manufacturers do not have much experience in big data software development and lack corresponding technical talents. In building the entire smart IoT solution, key modules such as data analysis, visualization, and algorithm platforms are missing. Many excellent IoT solution manufacturers have developed various sensor networks suitable for crop monitoring. With the help of advanced LoRA or NB-IOT protocols, sensor networks can be easily constructed for crop detection, control and management.


Core advantages description


Core advantages description


The work of the data application layer is handed over to DataFocus. You can directly read the IoT real-time database, or extract the data into the data warehouse of DataFocus, so as to construct your own data application platform. The DataFocus data application layer includes data analysis capabilities such as reporting system, visual analysis, Ad-Hoc analysis, and intelligent insight, as well as algorithm development and integration.


Make data analysis easier!

Company M is a start-up tech company with 15 tech developers

From the very beginning, it has positioned itself as an excellent provider of smart agricultural solutions. They have very rich experience in IoT development and also have their own hardware modules. For them, to create a complete smart agriculture solution, it is also necessary to integrate an excellent data application platform. Although completely independent development can be achieved, the cost is too high, and it is not the company's technical advantage.

Therefore, they create excellent data application capabilities by integrating the DataFocus integrated data platform

Thanks to DataFocus' no-code search-based analytics technology, they can even customize large-screen visualizations for their clients without adding any cost, which gives them a huge competitive advantage. The algorithm integration platform of DataFocus also provides good scalability support for subsequent upgrades of their projects.