Proudly Announce That We Have Created Three Tools

DataFocus effectively expands the reach of the management team and enables your organization to actively embrace changes

DataFocus Cloud

DataFocus Cloud, a search-based data analysis platform with full-stack functionality

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Focus Search

Focus Search, an NLQ parsing API that truly achieves data equality

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Here is the story

The information world has been developing wildly at the speed of Moore’s Law for more than 40 years. It’s really hard to imagine that in a world flooded by data, a large number of data employees are still using Excel for visualization. We want to change this situation, and thus taowen is created. With a simple search, people can quickly create data briefings, and make data dashboards as well as data analysis reports. It is simple and pure.

Business intelligence has been around for nearly 60 years since it was created by the once-great Big Blue IBM. For business data analysis in the era of big data, data visualization tools based on drag and drop, such as Tableau and Power BI, cannot make enterprise elites realize full self-service.

Today, thanks to search-based analysis products lead the new era, such as DataFocus and ThoughtSpot. They start from the thinking of users, make ‘what you think is what you get’ possible, and turn your business questions into curiosity about data. Through easy exploration by them, we can quickly complete business data analysis and mine the value of data through simple exploration.

This is a much more economical, practical, and immediately feasible idea than spending tens of millions of dollars building teams of various algorithms, trying to use machines to tap into the full potential of data. The business elites are full of thoughts, so why not let them dig into the value of data directly.

DataFocus is a powerful tool for empowering organizations with sensitive data awareness.

On this basis, we explore further: why not empower all software systems with this convenient search capability? There are too many engineers and companies dealing with databases all day long, and they almost forget that SQL is an extremely niche machine language.

With the advantage of professional skills, database engineers communicate directly with the database, monopolize the ability to talk to as well as get inspiration from the data. However, every business person also needs such capabilities urgently.

Therefore, we created Focus Search to unify the language of communicating with the database so that every business person can talk to data.

Our goal is to achieve true data equality for the majority of business people.

We do not stop, we’ll keep creating. Hopefully, all of these tools will bring you a better job, and a better life!

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