Why choose DataFocus as the data warehouse?

Simple installation, without additional configuration of other components;

Easy to use, fully visual operation, also supports command line operation mode;

Complete features, integrated from data access, intermediate table processing, metadata management, data lineage management, and common data warehouse features like data asset & API management

Get Started

Install DataFocus, and you will have the above data warehouse features, simple and worth!

Data Warehouse Architecture

Feature Overview

Data Source Access

Various mainstream database connectors, and can be extended more

Data Storage

Efficient columnar data storage and compression

Data Lineage

Data lineage diagram, with detailed analysis

Intermediate Table

Support multiple ways to create intermediate tables, including using SQL statements to create views

Data Service API

Tables in the data warehouse can be encapsulated into standard restful API interfaces to provide external data services

Data Asset Inventory

Concise and clear data asset dashboard, WYSIWYG for data warehouse assets

Permission Management

Accurate to field permission management can effectively serve large enterprise groups

Memory Computing

Elastically scalable in-memory computing capability, response to billions of data in seconds

Typical Usage Scenarios

  • Break Data Islands
  • Data Backup and Efficient Utilization

A wide variety of business databases cannot be interconnected, and it is not easy to unify data standards. Use the DFC data warehouse to aggregate the data from various business system databases into one place. Manage metadata, clarify data lineage, unify master data, and carry out data governance.