Discovering the above-mentioned patterns from tens of thousands of categories requires analyzing 1 million possibilities, and ordinary human analysts need to analyze 100 years!

Working Principle

Insights utilizes the powerful in-memory computing capabilities of DataFocus Cloud to execute classic algorithms through SQL to analyze and identify hidden patterns and trends in data. Users usually take Insights as the first step in in-depth analysis of datasets to relieve the repetitive work, such as identifying outliers, distinguishing abnormal indicators and trends.

Product Features


  • Find hidden patterns in data from tens of millions of possible combinations within minutes.
  • Further insight into the story behind the data based on DataFocus search results.
  • Actively learn human analysis methods, the more you use it, the smarter it is.

Natural Language Generates Analysis Reports

  • Automatically generate reports according to the data analysis results.
  • Use natural language to generate descriptions and explanations of analysis results.
  • Fully automatic data analysis, presentation and interpretation.

Privatization Deployment

Starting from useful insights and quickly incorporating them into the theme board, or further exploring the truth of the business based on these insights, can effectively improve data analysis efficiency and obtain more comprehensive and accurate insights.

Row-Level Permission Control

  • Fine-grained data control accurate to tables, rows, and columns.
  • For the same search, personnel from multiple departments can view different data according to different permissions.
  • Use OAuth2 protocol to easily integrate with your system and single sign-on.