Smart fire control is to use the latest technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, mobile Internet +, etc., and cooperate with professional applications such as big data cloud computing platform, intelligent fire alarm research and judgment, unit intelligent supervision, and intelligent rescue command to realize the intelligentization of urban fire protection. The digital foundation for smart city fire protection information services. The smart fire protection solution covers sensor hardware, IoT protocols, network management, data collection, data application and other links.


Using IoT technology to achieve smart fire control solutions, there are already many mature hardware products available for integration. Manufacturers can easily deploy and build IoT data by purchasing relevant sensor hardware and using IoT protocols such as 5G networks and LoRA. However, there is a lack of easy-to-integrate application modules in the data application link. Using Ecahrts or developing the corresponding data display module by itself, the cost is too high, and the technical strength of the original smart fire protection solution manufacturers is often biased towards the field of IoT hardware, lacking Internet and data analysis development talents; in addition, based on Echarts or D3 The visualization module developed by the framework has high modification costs, which is not scalable, and cannot integrate algorithm models.


Core advantages description



DataFocus focuses on the data application side components of smart fire control solutions, which can quickly connect to existing solutions from the data collection and storage side. Carry out data analysis applications by integrating the real-time database into the DataFocus data warehouse, or directly connecting to the real-time database.


M Company is a start-up technology company with 15 technology developers, and has positioned itself as an excellent provider of smart fire control solutions from the very beginning.

They have very rich experience in IoT development and also have their own hardware modules. For them, to create a complete smart fire protection solution also needs to integrate an excellent data application platform. Although completely independent development can be achieved, the cost is too high, and it is not the company's technical advantage.

Therefore, they create excellent data application capabilities by integrating the DataFocus integrated data platform

Thanks to DataFocus' no-code search-based analytics technology, they can even customize large-screen visualizations for their clients without adding any cost, which gives them a huge competitive advantage. The algorithm integration platform of DataFocus also provides good scalability support for subsequent upgrades of their projects.