Travel is becoming a new consumption hotspot. The planning and management of scenic spots has gradually shifted from simple scenic spot development to serving tourists, paying attention to the development of tourist experience. Through informatization construction in scenic spots, a scientific and objective tourism planning and construction system is established to provide a good foundation for tourism management. Through tourism government management platforms at all levels, information is highly aggregated and integrated, and data is used to assist decision-making; create a good supervision environment, enhance management transparency, and ultimately achieve the goal of improving tourist experience and maximizing revenue.


The smart tourism solution is a large platform that integrates video surveillance, scenic ticket management, parking scheduling system, hotel rooms, scenic apps, property management, tourism e-commerce and other business systems. Solution manufacturers are often software developers who have cooperated with tourist attractions for a long time. They have participated in the development and construction of various business systems. Now they need a data center for tourism business systems to integrate and apply the data resources of all business systems.


Core advantages description



The data application component of DataFocus can quickly connect to various existing business systems from the data collection and storage end. Develop data analysis applications by integrating offline databases and real-time databases into the DataFocus data warehouse, or directly linking real-time databases.


Company L is a software integrator. They were initially good at developing and deploying emergency management systems for scenic spots. With the gradual development and deepening of the business,

It is necessary to use mobile Internet and Internet of Things technology to manage and reshape the whole process of tourism in scenic spots, including "food, housing, travel; travel, shopping, and entertainment", and implement smart tourism solutions. In view of the multiple business management systems already built in the scenic spot, portal websites, communications, emergency management, etc. are all mature and perfect. Company L designed and planned a complete solution that integrates existing business systems, upgrades and transforms the Internet of Things, and enables digital empowerment.

In this solution, the DataFocus system is introduced as the data center to integrate the data of various business systems,

On this basis, they have developed a variety of data analysis topics such as statistical analysis of tourist sources, statistical monitoring and early warning of people flow, and tourist portraits for scenic customers, and developed a large-scale visualization of scenic tours to display tourists and benefits of scenic spots. In the future, products such as tourist traffic forecasting and personalized marketing recommendation can be further developed on this basis. Thanks to DataFocus' intelligent database search technology, Company L can quickly develop and modify data analysis topics and deploy them to more scenic spots.