The combination of Internet + industry has become more and more popular, and smart water has emerged as the times require. Smart Water perceives the running status of the urban water supply and drainage system in real time through online testing equipment such as data acquisition instruments, wireless networks, and water quality and water pressure meters, and organically integrates water management departments and water supply and drainage facilities in a visual way to form the "Smart Water Internet of Things" , and analyze and process massive water information in a timely manner to provide auxiliary decision-making suggestions. This makes water management more sophisticated.


Most successful water industry integrators started out by supplying and deploying water metering products. They have rich experience in manufacturing from traditional water meters to smart water meters integrated with IoT functions. In the past, the water meter was only used as a hardware product, and subsequent maintenance and services were costs. Today, by building a smart water meter network, integrators can develop value-added services through the collected data, which requires stepping into the field of big data and artificial intelligence from pure hardware manufacturers, which will be a great challenge for them .


Core advantages description



The data application component of DataFocus can quickly connect to various existing business systems from the data collection and storage end. Develop data analysis applications by integrating offline databases and real-time databases into the DataFocus data warehouse, or directly connecting to real-time databases.


M Company is a state-owned enterprise with a long history of instrument production, exporting nearly 10 million sets of various types of smart instruments every year.

It took the lead in developing the first batch of IoT smart water meters based on NB-IOT in China. They have the most experienced hardware R&D team in China and have also developed many management software systems for the water industry. Now, they have introduced the DataFocus system to improve data analysis, visualization and data mining capabilities.

After the water meter data system was connected to DataFocus, the technical staff of N company used the search analysis technology to complete the development of multiple thematic analyses without writing a single line of code.,

A number of large data visualization screens have been developed for users to dynamically display water consumption. It greatly reduces the difficulty of data application development and accelerates the speed of project implementation.