Urban development is increasingly constrained by the shortage of resources such as land space, especially core business districts, which are facing huge pressures such as population expansion and traffic congestion. Solving the problem of urban parking is a systematic project, and the development of intelligent management is a key part of it. It is triggered by urban resource management, operating and management simultaneously, and taking into account the multiple needs of urban management, enterprises and car owners, in order to tackle the essential issues. The smart parking solution comprehensively utilizes urban parking space resources by introducing advanced mobile Internet and Internet of Things technologies to maximize the benefits of limited space.


In order to effectively integrate the time and space resources of urban parking space, it is necessary to digitize the parking space resources and usage conditions of all commercial and residential areas in the city, so as to achieve the goal of intelligent scheduling. The smart parking solution provider realizes the real-time status detection of the parking space by transforming the parking space with the Internet of Things and installing the parking space detector. On this basis, they need to integrate a simple and easy-to-use data analysis platform to analyze the operation status of parking space, build a large digital screen of the urban parking space information management platform, and open up multi-service systems such as billing, user app, order system, and parking space monitoring. Data interaction, so as to realize the creation of a smart parking brain.


Core advantages description



The data application component of DataFocus can quickly connect to various existing business systems from the data collection and storage end. Develop data analysis applications by integrating offline databases and real-time databases into the DataFocus data warehouse, or directly linking real-time databases.


Company A has rich experience in mobile Internet application development. After hard work, they got the right to operate the smart parking project in X city

This is a PPP pilot project, which is supported by the government to integrate resources. Company A will build a smart parking solution consisting of multiple business systems such as parking apps, parking lot IoT, and billing systems, and obtain sustainable benefits by operating the solution. The modules that need to be developed or integrated in the entire solution include IoT software and hardware, mobile apps, management systems and data analysis, visualization systems, etc., and all self-development within a limited time is not the most economical and reasonable solution.

Therefore, Company A decided to integrate the data analysis and visualization capabilities of DataFocus to connect the data of its multiple systems.

On the one hand, rapidly develop various reports, analysis boards, and large-scale visualization; on the other hand, with the help of DataFocus' algorithm integration platform to optimize parking scheduling, improve operational efficiency and revitalize assets