Forestry ecological resources are an important foundation to support the sustainable development of China's economy and society. Forestry is not only an important public welfare undertaking, but also an important basic industry. With the gradual application of modern information technology, information resources have increasingly become an important factor in forestry development, and the leading and supporting role of information technology in forestry development has become more prominent. The "five-in-one" overall layout of the cause, the National Forestry Administration has also specially promulgated and implemented the "Guiding Opinions on the Development of Smart Forestry in China" and the "Action Plan for the Development of the Internet of Things in China's Forestry", marking that China's forestry informatization has entered the stage of "digital forestry". A new stage in the development of "smart forestry".


The development of smart forestry must rely on the existing forestry information system. Solution providers or software manufacturers must combine the latest Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data technologies to further improve the perception of forestry ecological resources, while opening up existing business systems, to achieve data exchange and sharing. However, it is difficult for traditional forestry management system software manufacturers or solution providers to completely redevelop the corresponding systems in a short period of time. They need a tool that can quickly integrate existing business system resources and open up data islands between business systems. Connect the new IoT sensor network, conduct situational awareness of forestry resources through data visualization, and use data analysis and mining technology to solve specific business problems such as early warning.


Core advantages description


DataFocus can be deployed as an independent big data platform, or as an integrated application of the data analysis module of the "smart forestry" big data solution. Use the DataFocus big data warehouse to build a unified big data center, establish unified data standards, and provide unified data services to the outside world.


The key to smart forestry is to integrate the data resources of the existing forestry information system. As a highly flexible professional software product focusing on data analysis and algorithm integration, DataFocus can be easily integrated with various business systems. Software suppliers in the forestry industry can choose to integrate various functions of DataFocus according to their own characteristics, such as data warehouse, data visualization, search-based exploration analysis, data modeling, etc.


Company L is a software manufacturer engaged in forestry system development and integration for many years, and it has good customer resources in the forestry industry.

Faced with the emerging concept of "smart forestry", they initially planned to develop a complete set of corresponding solutions, but quickly gave up. The reason is simple. The technologies involved in smart forestry, from IoT hardware and software, to cloud computing, big data, video surveillance, data analysis and modeling, can be said to be all-encompassing. As a small-scale vertical industry software contractor, their team of personnel could not complete such a complex system development in a short period of time, and due to the different technical routes involved, after careful evaluation, they concluded that, complete self-development costs too much, and the final customer cannot accept such a high-cost solution. What's more troublesome is that many new entrants have begun to eat away high-quality customers in the industry by integrating resources. In the end, L company chose the method of system integration with multiple parties for system integration. They introduced the DataFocus system to complete the construction of the big data warehouse. Relying on the original industry accumulation, they quickly developed a number of data visualization products, and finally created a set of a complete "smart forestry" solution, now they rely on DataFocus' flexible search and analysis technology, and can fully promise customers to develop customized data visualization and data model design, which brings them strong competitiveness.