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The strategy of strategizing comes from the heart

DataFocus gives business managers the convenience of accessing data anytime and anywhere, not just a simple summary of data, but an all-dimensional representation of data in any dimension.

Show opportunities and risks at a glance

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Smartly answer any questions about the data

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Synchronize data with your phone

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Timely insight is the foundation of digital management

The intuition and experience of managers is the most valuable asset of the company. But the right decisions are often inseparable from the support and evidence of the data. DataFocus’s fast and easy search data analysis will become your personal helper!

  • Manage the cockpit to help you fully monitor your business metrics, and the slightest change in your business can be detected immediately.
  • Analyze data in all directions before making key decisions, and obtain more objective evidence to make better decisions.
  • The unified data export allows you to know the company’s business and avoid the embarrassment of being in this mountain.

Make your team more effective

Good leaders improve their combat by shaping the organization. Use DataFocus data search technology to integrate all data sources so that team members can communicate and make decisions on a transparent data basis, giving your leadership peace of mind.

Unified data

Transparent data is the basis of organizational coordination, and the tactical execution based on this extension will never be transformed.

Empower your employees

DataFocus allows each team member to customize, organize and visualize their information to their tactical goals, and the data-driven business is more lively.

Show leadership everywhere


Financial leadership

  • “DataFocus enables the CEO to understand the organization’s financial situation in real time and identify it before it becomes a problem. DataFocus helps you instantly understand:”
  • Business gross profit trend
  • Cash flow risk monitoring
  • Immediate control of ROI in each department

Human resource leadership

  • “After the correct line is determined, cadres are the decisive factor.” DataFocus helps you identify other talents and optimize the cadre team:”
  • Evaluation of team members’output indicators
  • Identify and control team risks, such as turnover
  • To grasp the change of human resource cost

Customer service leadership

  • “Service capability has become one of the key competitiveness of an organization. DataFocus helps you quantify organizational service capabilities, allowing you to capture users’hearts from the source:”
  • Understanding Service Response Speed
  • Master User Satisfaction
  • Evaluation of project delivery efficiency

Sales leadership

  • “How effective is our sales team? What key market opportunities have organizations lost? Data Focus helps you refine the assessment of each salesperson’s contribution and help you build a sales force:”
  • Real-time view of sales representative’s business indicators
  • Monitor sales trends and adjust strategies in time
  • Evaluate the strength of the team and optimize the distribution of sales resources

Marketing leadership

  • “The market activities organized by the company constitute an important cost center. Are your market activities efficient enough? DataFocus helps you instantly evaluate the efficiency of each market activity, so that your resources are no longer wasted:”
  • Understanding Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)
  • On-line and off-line cost monitoring
  • Evaluation of key indicators for each activity
"Unified data platform, simple search can get data results. The company's data is more transparent and communication is smoother, eliminating information asymmetry between departments. With DataFocus, I can really do the business of the company to!"

Let big data analysis be as simple as search!